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Which Landscaping Design is Best for You?

First impressions count. So every home at Smiths Park includes front yard landscaping to create a neighbourhood you’ll be proud to call your own. We’ve partnered with award-winning landscapers Fleming’s, along with the garden architects at Flow Design Studio to offer a trio of diverse front yard options. Each design is finessed to suit your individual garden space, orientation, building and facade. Let’s take a closer look at how these gardens will grow to see which one best suits your style.


The ‘Province’ is for residents who enjoy a garden painted in vivid colour – but in a sophisticated way. The statement piece of this design is an Eastern Redbud shrub with its effusion of buds in the pinkest of pinks. It is a deciduous plant, so will let light flood into your garden during winter while providing a little extra shade in summer. This Eastern Redbud is balanced by a Crab Apple tree under-planted with soft blooms in white and (yet more) pink from Indian Hawthorn and Silverbush. The fiery red tips of the Nandina bushes that border the garden along with the deep purple of New Zealand Flax’s spiky leaves add richness to the already warm hues of this design.


Australian native plants are on trend for a reason. They tend to be drought-hardy, they’re better for our unique environment and there are over 24,000 species to choose from. With that in mind, Fleming’s has developed this ‘Aurora’ garden for the local lovers in a palette of red, purple and green. Iconic natives like Kangaroo Paw, Lantern Banksia and Billy Buttons lend their sculptural flower shapes to this design. A feature Weeping Lilly Pilly and twin Casuarinas add relaxed, unstructured textures, while mauve accents come through Blue Flax Lilies and the Native Violets dotted throughout the garden. 


If spring is your favourite season, the ‘Hampton’ garden is made for you. It’s all about masses of flowers in pretty pastels; gentle pinks, purples and blues anchored by plenty of cool white. The centrepiece of this garden is an Ornamental Pear tree; its emerging blossoms will let you know whenever warmer days are ahead. The pear is surrounded by dainty flowers courtesy Glossy Abelia and Native Violets, with even more flowers exploding in this garden via White Star Creepers and Oakleaf Hydrangeas. A pop of cornflower blue from a line of Native Flax will lead you straight home to your front door.

Take a look at the full Landscaping guide here and talk to our sales team to learn more about life at Smoths Park, Clyde North.